Friday, October 1, 2010

A Stolen Moment....

unexpected... in a fellow WorldTeacher's high school classroom. A quick moment to inform the world that the internet in Vatia has not worked for the past 2 weeks. It will be fixed "tomorrow" (an American Samoan euphemism for some undetermined time in the future). I have received many boxes, but I do not have my list in front of me during this unexpected trip into cyberspace. Nor do I have a USB key with the posts I've been writing for that undetermined time in the future when I can connect once again and let you into my little slice of the world. For now, please remember that you can contact me by phone (see a previous post or my facebook page for the number), though I don't get reception in my house... I do have voicemail (despite what previous posts may have said).

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  1. Hhmmm... tomorrow is the same euphemisim they use in Zambia. Internet seems to come and go - I have really taken it for granted. Just when I get a long email ready to go, it seems to get lost. I cannot even find my saved ones. Ah... developing nations...


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