Saturday, October 23, 2010

Around the World in Thirty Days

So as to not leave you with a bad taste for my experience here (as my students are wonderful, and I love to work with them every day), I want to share a fun project my students and I did. As an introduction to Social Studies and an attempt to integrate it with Reading, we went on quick tour around the world. We went to Vietnam, China, India, and Iceland before landing back in the US. We learned some different languages, populations, map skills, aspects of culture, etc. We compared the facts we learned to American Samoa, so the students started to make connections between the reading and their lives. To this day, my students will greet me with "Namaste!" in the morning and leave me with "Ming ting jiao" (See you tomorrow) in the afternoon. Here is a video of students learning to count to 10 in Chinese (I tried to add photos, but it won't let me... a problem to be solved another day):

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