Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Spirit Week and Halloween all rolled into one. It's been a distracting week as far as learning is concerned, but definitely a fun one! Most of our spirit week days were simply color-themed (boring, but for a culture into uniforms, it works well). We had "Opposite Day" in which the boys dress up as girls, and the girls dress up as boys. For a culture with a recognized 3rd gender (fa'afafines... basically males living as females), this seems a bit odd/insensitive, but it was hilarious nonetheless.
Sanele (5th Grade) and Mose (4th Grade) posing

Cassandra and Asenati (4th grade)

Mose, Solomona, and Al-Roni (4th Grade)

Al-Roni, Donovan (2nd Grade), Mose, Sanele, Cassandra, Asenati, and her brother

Mele (6th Grade) and Hosanna (4th Grade)

Cassandra, Asenati, Kitana (4th Grade), and Mele

CJ and Matalin, my host nephew and niece

Feau - my 5 year old boyfriend
We had a competition-based assembly for Halloween. The student body was split into 3 groups: Casper (my group), Pumpkin, and Ghostbusters. We had to create a flying ghost, a dramatic reading, and a dance. Our group won the competition (Yay!)! 
Kitana and Al-Roni in front of our Halloween-inspired door

Lydia gets her bag of goodies

Katerina enjoys the blow-up pumpkin and eye candy from Jenny

mmm... eye candy... delicious! Al-Roni and Hosanna

Mose, the cool lion


Hosanna, posing

Kitana in a puletasi

Lydia as a princess
Here's a video of Casper group's dramatic reading of "Five Little Pumpkins," starring Al-Roni:

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