Monday, December 27, 2010

Manuia le Kerisimasi!

Merry Christmas from the Rock! Here's a photo/video montage of my Christmas activities!
The (HOT) day before vacation on the sea wall right in front of school
My StarBoys (learning about St. Lucia's Day in Sweden)

My St. Lucias (We used vegetation from behind the school - amazing finished products!)

Leraning about Diwali and lighting candles set afloat

We made pinatas for Los Posadas. Lydia broke the string when I dropped the pinatas lower, so we ended up smashing them on the pavement. Great fun!
On Dec. 15th, we went caroling at the hospital. We wanted to give back to our community since we have been the recipients of such goodness this year!

Nativity Scene in the church... Which of these does not belong?
The youth of the LMS church in Vatia during their Christmas Eve performance

Methodist churches across the island went caroling late on Christmas Eve.

The video is darker on this post than on my computer. Here's a photo to look at while listening to the carol :)

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