Friday, August 5, 2011

The Final Chapter

My time in American Samoa is long over, and I am within hours of embarking on the final leg of my journey to Guatemala. I've wanted to write an update and final chapter to the American Samoa experience since I arrived back in the States, but the summer has gotten away from me. I didn't get the chance to visit with anywhere close to the number of people I wished to see, either!

As the school year ended in American Samoa, my class helped me organize our collection of over 2,000 books into grade-level boxes. There was great concern as to what would happen to the books, from teachers, the principal, my students, and WorldTeach. Since we were unable to find a teacher willing to take over the after-school program, I decided to create classroom libraries for the Kindergarten-8th grade classrooms. Hence the organizing into grade-level boxes. As school starts in American Samoa next week, students should find a wonderful selection of books at their fingertips, and teachers should establish a borrowing system similar to what we had with Vatia Reads. I announced the donation of classroom libraries to the student population and to parent at end-of-the-year ceremonies, so I know many people are looking forward to the start of the year! Thank you, one final time, for your support and donations. The classroom libraries will be a reminder of the world of people who are dedicated to supporting education!

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